The Remnants Of A Poet

Philippa A. Madsen

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Blood is dripping from my right wrist,
And numbness has set in my eyes.
The room feels blurry,
My face in the mirror is, oh so pale.
With eyes where the life has left,
And now, the blood has landed on the floor.
And I broke a simple promise,
That at least one part of my body,
Will be kept clean..

But promises are easily broken,
Just like a girl’s heart.

Philippa A. Madsen - right wrist

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Tonight he will come,
No where we can run.
He will come when they sleep,
Heal our hearts and let us bleed,
To know out heart still have a beat.
Our wrist will bleed,
Untill our blood has run dry.
Tonight he will come,
And I’ll try to run as fast as I can.

Slowly I’m turning,
Plae and oh, I’m fighting,
Fighting to keep him away.
It’s turning fatal,
And Oh, I’m dying.
And you wont even care.
You’re slipping away,
And I’ve lost my faith in you.

Philippa A. Madsen - Death Is Coming

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